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Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Social Change

  • Knowledge and experience implementing relaxed performances.

  • Experience creating tools and documents for relaxed performances.

  • Knowledge and experience in making access riders and managing access needs in rehearsal spaces. Knowledge of different communities and how they are impacted by art and access from an artistic, business, cultural, social, ethical, political, historical, and theoretical context.

Mental Health First Aid England
31 August 2021

  • Half-Day Adult Mental Heath Awareness Course (31 August 2021)


'The Planet Is ______', Head of Access, Rose Bruford, 2023

'The Phase', Head of Access, VAULT Festival, 2023

'Earth's Last Children', Head of Access, Rose Bruford, 2022


"[Meg] has put together the most brilliant visual guide to help get you to @VAULTFestival!  For anyone where going somewhere new is a little scary, or if you’re just terrible at directions!"

- Antonia Georgieva

"Mention must also go to how accessible the team have made the show. With sensory items available as well as chill out spaces, the whole experience embodies inclusivity and is certainly paving the way for others."

- Rewrite This Story

"Furthermore, I applaud the show’s efforts to make their show incredibly accessible and inclusive, I hope they continue this as the stages they perform on, no doubt increase in size."

- Lost In Theatreland




  • Trans access consultancy

  • Facilitating access as part of rehearsals and productions

  • Providing access tools for all performances

  • Creating visual stories, access Riders, trigger warning guides, and access guides

  • Facilitating relaxed performances


  • Consultancy for what productions need, can budget for, and can implement.

  • Help selecting and budgeting for neurodivergent access tools for rehearsals and production. Sourcing Audio Describers, BSL Interpreters, and Captioning Services.

  • Requesting access riders and compiling them into documents for creative teams.

  • Creating visual stories for productions and venues.

  • Creating trigger warning lists, guides and posters for productions.

  • Creating neurodivergent access guides and posters for productions.


A few samples of my resources I have created for different productions can be found below. 

The Phase © Kate Hockenhull Photography_edited.jpg
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