Music and Lyrics by Meg McGrady
Book and Lyrics by Zoe Morris


It’s 2014. Gay marriage has just been legalised in the UK, and Rowan and their LGBTQ+ bandmates want to sing it from the rooftops. But their all-girl’s Catholic school have other ideas. Disbanded and reprimanded, the group has a choice: do they bow down, retreat, and let the school rules divide them? Or, through all the angsty mess of adolescence, do they unite and fight back to make a change?

The Phase is a contemporary pop/punk musical about friendship, young love and singing loud when others want to silence you

The song 'Broken Guitar' recently won the 'Vision, Voice and Potential' award at the Stiles and Drewe Best New Song Prize 2020. The Phase was also a finalist in BYMT’s New Music Theatre Award 2019.


The show had its first workshop at the Other Palace on 4th July 2019 and has been featured in scratch nights like All That Scratch, SHOOK and Signal. It was also selected to be showcased as part of BEAM2020.

The Phase - HighlightsZoe Morris and Meg McGrady
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Music and Lyrics by Meg McGrady
Book and Lyrics by Laura McGrady


Camp In-Between is about family, the afterlife, how we view ourselves and what happens when we finally see ourselves as others do, ultimately it’s about self-worth and we are looking at that particularly through the eyes of teenagers.

Camp In-Between is set in a movie-like American-Style Summer Camp... Which is actually in the afterlife. 

The story starts when teenage sisters Sophie and Kit die in a car crash… sorry. They arrive at Camp In-Between and are greeted by a trio of overly cheery Camp Counselors who tell them they have arrived at a place where they can reflect and look back at their lives before they move on to whatever’s next.

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Music by Meg McGrady
Lyrics by Zoe Morris

This new musical focuses on the story of Rosalind Franklin, a female Jewish scientist key to the discovery of the structure of DNA. During the race to discover DNA, Watson and Crick got access to her data without her consent which significantly contributed to their discovery of DNA's structure.

Long after Rosalind's death, Watson is set to publish his new book 'The Double Helix', which presents a sexist and inaccurate representation of Rosalind along with revealing that they had access to her data. It's down to Rosalind's friend, Anne Sayre, to try and stop the publication of the book to protect her friends legacy.

This show was first premiered at Signal, a night of new musical theatre curated by Adam Lenson, and is still in the early stages of development.  


Millie Morgan was meant to be going to prom. Millie Morgan was going to be prom queen. Then lockdown happened. Sung by the amazing Sophie Isaacs (Heathers, Six) 'Quaranqueen' was written by the McGrady Siblings (Laura and Meg McGrady) for 'on hope: a digital song cycle'. 

Written by over 60 composers from around the world, on hope: a digital song cycle shares stories of change, journey, desires and unity, aiming to spark light in this time of darkness. Bringing the songs to life are performers, choreographers, arrangers, animators and editors who will create a number of unique pieces which will be woven together to create a brand new digital musical theatre experience.

It was first streamed live on The Other Palace’s YouTube channel on Wednesday 29 April 2020. 

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'Tom Brown's School Days' is a play in development for Trans Voice Company, an ambitious new theatre company championing the representation, talent and employment of trans, non-binary, and GNC performers and creatives. The show had a week a small industry sharing after a week in research and development in January 2020. The company consisted of ten trans* performers. 

Tom Brown's School's Day - SelectionMeg McGrady
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Music and Lyrics by Meg McGrady
Based on the true story of Andrew George Scott, ‘Moonlite’ is a musical following the rise and fall of notorious bushranger Captain Moonlite as he battles against a world set against him until he finds himself the villain in his own tale. From Preacher to Prisoner to Lecturer nothing is straightforward about this tale.


Music by Meg McGrady
Lyrics by Jenny Worton
Book by Catherine Pybus

Based on the fairy tale of ‘Chi and the Seven-Headed Dragon’ this ten-minute musical was developed in Book, Music and Lyrics. 
Long, long ago in ancient China, a time of sore feet and marital disappointment; a time that was absolutely nothing like what we’re about to show you; in the province of Yunnan there was born a girl who would not fit in, a girl who could not be bound…