Tabby Lamb (She/They)
Nemo Martin (They/Them)
Meg McGrady (They/Them)
Robin Simões da Silva (He/They)
Jude Taylor (He/Him)

Written by Tabby Lamb, Nemo Martin, Meg McGrady, Robin Simões da Silva and Jude Taylor


Many theatre productions choose to focus on Trans trauma - sometimes a valuable educational tool for cisgender audiences - however we will create a musical with a joyful narrative around multi-dimensional Trans characters. A piece that can be aspirational for Trans audiences and motivational for cis audiences, vitally centering working for a positive future and not just a traumatic past.


'Trans Actually' (Working Title) is a work in progress song cycle about three trans characters from vastly different points on the Trans spectrum, with differing class, race & experiential backgrounds. We're interested in exploring the nuances of these identities and how they as Trans people differ as humans, whether they’re exploring the minefield of dating apps or the joy of cosplaying Spider-Man, and their unique personalities independent of their gender identity.