Queerly Productions is so excited to announce that we are teaming up with MPTheatricals to produce MTPRIDE!

MTPRIDE will feature three productions and a panel discussion on LGBTQ+ representations in musical theatre. The festival has been organised by MPTheatricals, Queerly Productions, ALPMusicals, Musical Theatre Network and Mercury Musicals Developments.

The first production, Queered, will be broadcast at 8pm on June 24. Queered reimagines classic musical theatre moments in new contexts to explore queer histories. Link here!

Queerly Productions’ Sinqueerly Me, which showcases queer women and trans artists, will be streamed at 8pm on July 1. Link here!

The final production, which is a collaboration between MTPride and director Adam Lenson, is called Signal x MTPride. Signal x MTPride, will see twelve LGBTQ+ musical theatre writers present new songs live from their living rooms at 8pm on July 8th. Link here!

Additionally, the festival is hosting an online panel on June 29 in partnership with Musical Theatre Network and Mercury Musicals Developments about LGBTQ+ representations in musical theatre. Link here!

Tickets are available on a pay-what-you-can basis, with all proceeds to be split between UK Black Pride, Gendered Intelligence and a support fund for the artists involved.

You can find out more at


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