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Music by Meg McGrady
Lyrics by Zoe Morris


It’s 1968 when James Watson publishes ‘The Double Helix’ , a book about the race to discover the structure of DNA. Unintentionally, Watson’s book reveals how instrumental the work of the now deceased Rosalind Franklin was to the discovery, with Watson and Crick having stolen some of her data. Not only that, the book is incredibly sexist and derogatory towards Rosalind. Outraged, Anne Sayer, Rosalind’s best friend, decides it’s time to work her way back through her own memories to piece together who Rosalind really was. 

‘Rosalind’ is the life story of Rosalind Franklin, a female jewish scientist who was instrumental in the discovery of the structure of DNA and researching the TMV virus. While she never got a chance to tell her own story this show is an attempt to piece together who she actually was, a woman who persevered and succeeded in a world that was designed for her to fail. Narrated by both Anne Sayer and James Watson, who argue over their conflicting versions of the narrative, the show deals with themes of sexism, legacy, and the importance of friendship and allyship. 

The show was first premiered at SIGNAL, a night of new musical theatre curated by Adam Lenson, and was a finalist for the BYMT New Music Theatre Award in 2023.

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