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Accidental purple person, Meg McGrady (they/them) is a neurodivergent nonbinary musical theatre creative having worked as a composer, producer, writer and performer. Driven, collaborative, and a vocal activist, Meg studied ‘Musical Theatre’ at the BRIT School and ‘Theatre and Social Change’ at Rose Bruford.

Having tackled shows about sexism in race to discover the structure of DNA to young queer kids learning how to protest against their catholic school, Meg has worked on a vast range of new theatre pieces as a writer and composer including the award-winning ‘The Phase’ (Vaults Festival), ‘iNk’D’ (CTC Dance) and the upcoming 'Wonderland In Alice' (Octagon Bolton).  Other work-in-progress shows include ‘I found you a cool rock’, ‘Rosalind’, ‘Virgin’, and ‘The Planet Is _____’. 

Centering a practice of care and a no-excuses attitude toward the theatre industry, Meg is currently writing a book about how creative industries can create consciously with and for marginalised communities. This is reflected in their producing work with Queerly Productions, a company Meg co-founded, dedicated to creating work by and for queer people of marginalised genders. 


Nominee for VAULT Festival's Show of The Week 2023

Offie's Commendation for 'The Phase' 2023

Finalist for BYMT's New Music Award 2022 with 'Rosalind'

Winner of the Stiles and Drewe Vision, Voice and Potential Prize 2020 with 'Broken Guitar' from 'The Phase'

Finalist for BYMT's New Music Award 2019 with 'The Phase'

Composer showreel



With a collaborative and punchy ideology toward creating, I seek to directly tackle inequality within the theatre industry both onstage and off with steadfastness, stubbornness, care and love. To quote Kathleen Hanna “I’m not going to sit around and be peace and love with somebody’s boot on my neck.”

Often writing about protest and the struggle against systems of power, it is no wonder my work is nearly always based in musical theatre. After all, music is in my opinion the great uniter of humankind. It not only has the ability to transcend language and inspire empathy but also makes you want to get up out of your seat and dance along with it. So I hope after engaging in one of my pieces you do just that. Feel the change, get up out of your seat and go make a difference. 

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