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Work experience

Production Assistant at Julie Clare Productions, J Clare Productions and Joy Productions 2024

Producing Placements with Punchdrunk Enrichment, 2022-2023

'The Phase', VAULT Festival, 2023

​'Creating Consciously Panel Series' with Musical Theatre Network (MTN), 2022-23

Producing Placements with Tramshed on New Found Art Festival, 2022
'Theatre and Social Change Open Talks' Podcast, 2022

Co-Producer / Curator of MTPRIDE 2020

Co-Producer for Queerly Productions, 2020-2023



Being a conscious creative is essential in the future landscape of arts, entertainment and media no matter what type of story you choose to create. Many creative teams can make blunders or uninformed errors when seeking to welcome and create art for and/or featuring different identities to themselves and be unsure how to create caring environments to foster creativity. I am currently in the process of writing a book tackling this subject and also have been developing a panel series with Musical Theatre Network. 


The 'Creating Consciously Panel Series' offer a chance to hear practical knowledge from different communities and gain all the core knowledge and essential tools for creating diverse, accessible and accountable work. All of the panels will feature a mix of performers, directors, and writers who can speak to the experience of working in theatre and offer practical and direct solutions.


Past panellists and chairs have included: Jessica Allen (she/her), Amber Sinclair-Case (they/them), Preston Allen (he/him), Joy Tan (they/them), Nicole Raquel Dennis (she/they), Lucy Dickson (she/her), Evie Rose Lane (she/her), JJ Green (he/him), Erin Enfys (they/them), Max Alexander Taylor (he/him), Ameena Hamid (she/her), Robert Softley Gale (he/him), Beth Hinton-Lever (she/her), Michèle Taylor (she/her), Rachel Victor-Sampson (she/her), Hilmi Jaidin (he/him), Maimuna Memon (she/her), Felix Cross (he/him), and Sumerah Srivastav(she/her).


Panel One - Trans Identities 

Panel Two - Queer Identities

Panel Three - Inclusivity & Neurodiversity

Panel Four - Inclusivity & Disability

Panel Five - Inclusivity & Racial Diversity

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