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Come gather round for a front-row seat to our decadent, disastrous, dazzling birthday party surprise during the end of all times. Earth’s Last Children; A Birthday Party Worth Dying For! is a party you don’t want to miss. An original devised piece of theatre in collaboration with Izzy Rabey, Earth’s Last Children is a 90-minute punk cabaret-style show merging live art, politics and a rager of a party to highlight what happens when we absolve ourselves of using our power for change.


Content Warnings:

Illness, death, climate catastrophe, drowning, references to fast fashion genocide, misogny, biogotry, fetishisation, racism, colourism, sexism, hypersexualisation, colonialism, paedophilia, strong language, transphobia, war, refugees, racial microaggression, end of the world speculation

With 20 content warnings, strap in for one hell of a social commentary…


Arna Geddon played by Meg McGrady

Baby Doll played by Ellie Crouch

Cat Astrophe played by Natasha Pavey
Cedrick the Seaman played by Nelson Nash

Herr Frau played by Harry Smith

Minori Tea played by Jessica Wulandari Walker

Mistress Empire played by Akshita Brahma

Pest Da'Lance played by Jonathan Stirling

Stellar Artois played by Martha Hale


Director: Izzy Rabey

Production Manager: Ellie Holloway

Production Supervisor: Anthony Sammut
Deputy Stage Manager: Alice Barclay
Lighting Designer: Melissa Holmes
Costume Supervisor: Harry Smith
Costume Assistant: Katy Khushi
Composer / Sound Designer: Meg McGrady
Sound Operator: Georgia Glover
Photographer: Akshita Brahma / Lilli Fisher

Poster Design: Meg McGrady
Marketing: Mandy Kaylin


The following are a few of the songs I wrote for Earth's Last Children. All of the music was written and orchestrated by myself. Lyrics were co-written with the rest of the cast for the title song while I wrote the lyrics for the Birth of Arna Geddon.

Earth's Last Children (Backing Sample)Meg McGrady
00:00 / 02:39
The Birth of Arna Geddon (Demo)Meg McGrady
00:00 / 04:00
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