‘Away With the Fairies’ is a photography series by Meg exploring queerness and a return to nature. Queer people are often driven away from countryside and pastoral areas to the city for fear of being the ‘only gay in the village’ and this loss of connection to nature has recently manifested in the cottagecore aesthetic, a romanticization of pastoral and agricultural life. 

For marginalised people, Cottagecore is a form of gentle escapism into a world in which you are self-sufficient and existing away from homophobia, transphobia, and the male gaze, all while “carving out a space for themselves in imagery traditionally taken up by rich, straight white people” (Ellis, 2020). In ‘Cruising Utopia’ , we are told we “can glimpse the worlds proposed and promised by queerness in the realm of the aesthetic” (Munoz, 2009) and Cottagecore is the perfect example of this. 

Away With Fairies has been featured in Publications like Bricks Magazine

People pictured include: Chloe Hodgson, Ashley Goh, Lewis Wade and Meg McGrady.


If you are a member of LGBTQ+ community who grew up or now lives in the UK countryside who would be intrested in being photographed email Meg at