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"The Phase is a story everyone should to see, if for no other reason than you can say you saw it before it was famous. To any producers out there wondering what your next project might be? These writers, this cast, this show, would be a pretty great place to start." - All That Dazzles

Music and Additional Lyrics by Meg McGrady
Book and Lyrics by Zoe Morris

It’s 2014, Gay marriage has just been legalised in the UK, and Rowan and their LGBTQ+ bandmates want to sing it from the rooftops. But their all-girl Catholic secondary school has other ideas. Disbanded and reprimanded, the group has a choice: do they bow down, retreat, and let the school rules divide them? Or, through all the angsty mess of adolescence, do they unite and fight back to make a change?

The Phase is a coming of age story, filled with catchy pop and pop-punk songs that you won’t be able to get out of your head! A hugely exciting piece of new British musical theatre written by two upcoming, award-winning writers Zoe Morris and Meg McGrady.


7th March - 12th March 2023 - VAULT Festival

10th September 2021 - BEAM 2021

30th October 2020 - Workshop at the Warehouse

4th July 2019 - Workshop at the Other Palace


“It is a complete delight to experience a new British musical with both a catchy and structurally sophisticated score that matches its quick, witty and emotionally intelligent book pound for pound.”

- All That Dazzles 

“Queer joy is always incredible to witness and The Phase, by writers Zoe Morris and Meg Grady, is a show which does queer joy well.”
- Binge Fringe

"Such a lovely queer musical"

- People Of Theatre

“The production has a lot of heart, with the pop-punk songs in particular being excellent and tuneful.”
- The Play's The Thing UK

"The Phase is a show which knows its identity and retains it throughout. Every moment is cohesive and feels quite genuinely like a school drama...Mention must also go to how accessible the team have made the show. With sensory items available as well as chill out spaces, the whole experience embodies inclusivity and is certainly paving the way for others. The show has just finished its run at the Vault Festival, but there's sure to be a future life for The Phase and it will continue to spread joy via a touching storyline and absolutely killer vocals."

- Rewrite This Story

"The Phase is an important story to tell, the show has a heart of gold, and it’s easy to adore the characters on stage, and see yourself within them...This show is funny, vocally stunning, and incredibly relevant – I’m very excited to see the next phase of The Phase."

- Lost In Theatreland

CAST AND Creatives

Produced by CHROMATIC Creative with Matt Powell (They/He/She), Meg McGrady (They/Them), and Tanya Truman (She/Her)

Book and Lyrics by Zoe Morris (She/Her)

Music and Additional Lyrics by Meg McGrady (They/Them)

Directed by Izzy Rabey (She/They)
Music Directions by Amy Hsu (She/Her)
Assistant Direction by Sofia Zaragoza (She/Her)
Orchestrations and Arrangements by Olivia Cole Wormald (She/Her), Laurence Stannard (He/Him), Jude Taylor (He/Him), George Strickland (He/Him)
Dramaturgy by Laura McGrady (She/Her) and Martha Geelan (She/Her)

Photography by Meg McGrady (They/Them) and Kate Hockenhull (She/Her)

Rowan played by Ashley Goh (They/Them)
Aziza played by Jocasta Almgill (She/Her)
Sage played by Holly Ryan (She/Her)
Ava played by Gracie McGonigal (She/Her)
Headteacher Voiceover by Robin Simões da Silva (He/They)

Guitar played by Emily Ashberry (She/Her)
Bass played by Alice McKenna (She/Her)
Drums played by Isis Dunthorne (She/Her)


Nominee for Show Of The Week at VAULT Festival 2023. 

Stiles and Drewe 'Vision, Voice and Potential' 2020 for 'Broken Guitar'.

Finalist for BYMT's New Music Theatre Award 2019. 

Music From The PhaSE

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