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It’s the 29th June 2022, the day after the Police, Crime, Courts and Sentencing Bill has come into effect. Meg and Tash, two young climate activists, decide to document how protest is affected in the next year. A lot can happen in a year. This is their story. 

‘The Planet Is _____’ is a verbatim musical about climate justice, what it means to be an activist, and the state of politics in the UK. Written by Natasha Pavey and Meg McGrady, the show has been created from words spoken and poetry written in the last year. 


Written and Performed by Natasha Pavey and Meg McGrady 

Interviews by Natasha Pavey

Composed by Meg McGrady

Stage Management by Amy Gelnar

Lighting Design and Operation by Caitlin Moore

Sound and Video Design by Meg McGrady

Sound Operated by Jonathan Stirling

Technical Support from Gary Landick

Photography by Néa Ranganathan, Hannah Schlenker, and Ben Wilkin

Interviews From...

Phoebe L Hansen, Rianka Gill, Edred Whittingham, Scarlett Westbrook, Jonathan Stirling, Aaron Bailey, Harry Smith, Fi Quekett, Akshita Brahma, Sharon Pavey-Jones, and Catherine McGrady.


Featured Words From...
Priti Patel, Suella Braverman, BBC News, Sky News, Indigo Rumbelow, GB News, Just Stop Oil, Phoebe Plummer, Lauren MacDonald, Novara Media, ITV Evening News, JOE, Reuters, Extinction Rebellion, Adam Boulton, Piers Morgan, Christine Hamilton, Good Morning Britain, Nigel Evans, Ed Milliband, Chris Bryant, Eleanor Laing, Marvina Eseoghene Newton, Alaska, Laura, Rosie, Robert Jenrick, Green New Deal Rising, The Independent, Lisa Minerva Luxx, Naomi Smith, Best For Britain, Nadia Whittome, Jolyon Rubinstein, Channel Four News, The Guardian, The Sun, Talk TV, Guardian News, The Telegraph, Associated Press, Rich Felgate, and Fossil Free London.



19th May 2023 - Rose Bruford

17th April 2024 - Musical Bites at the Other Palace

17th - 18th May 2024 - SHIFT + SPACE Festival at Theatre Deli

Nonbinary person holding up a yellow alarm clock. They are dressed in hot pink and bright yellow clothes and makeup.
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