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"So here is where the story starts. It’s 3:15pm on 2nd November 2020 and I am a Virgin but by the time I turn twenty-two I won’t be."

Virgin, is a cumming of age solo show exploring sex, kink and Catholic guilt. Wittily exploring the discomfort we have drilled into us about sex, the show deals with intersectional identities colliding until it's impossible to know how to untangle them. Through flashbacks, kink, diary entries, and the structure of a catholic mass, our Virgin takes us through their journey of liberation from guilt while still embracing religion.​ 


Writer, Performer, Choreographer: Meg McGrady

Director: Jonny Price

Stage Manager: John Boswell

Sound Designer: Georgia Glover

Light Designer: Toby Riding

Designer: Alfie Thomas

Photographer: Akshita Brahma

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