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Commissioned by BYMT and CTC Dance, 'Wonderland in Alice' is a movement-led re-imagining of Alice in Wonderland which will dive into the timeless story of Lewis Carroll’s classic tale exploring Alice as a non-binary character. This spoken word adaptation reveals a constantly evolving world of: ‘No Rules. No Time. No Binary’. Wonderland in Alice exposes internal struggles and challenges the audience to open their minds to a world free of binaries, preconceptions, and societal expectations.

Wonderland in Alice hopes to inspire gender awareness and self-authenticity. Delving into expressive movement, dance theatre, spoken word and stunning costumes, BYMT & CTC will together create playful characters and wonderful songs, drawing on musical theatre and electro-pop to create an ethereal, synthy vibe.

creative team

Creative Director: Christopher Tendai

Composer: Meg Mcgrady

Director: Lisa Miller

Spoken Word Writer: Acken Taylor

Associate Choreographer: Marina Climent

Set Designer: Damien Stanton

Lighting Designer: Tom Sadler

Commissioned By: BYMT and CTC Dance Company

Photos by: Danny Kaan


16 -17th August 2024 - Octagon Bolton

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